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Madre Verde Retreat was everything that I hoped a place would be and more. I had heard odd experiences from friends going through first time experiences with Plant Medicine Healers that did not prepare them well in advance on what to expect or guide them through the ceremony as needed. Ruben provided detailed communication ahead of time which helped with my physical and psychological diet and it made all the difference. Muchas Gracias!

Shei Maor

This was my 3rd experience with Ayahuasca but this was the most transformational and I credit Ruben with it all. He has changed my expectation of what to expect from a Plant Medicine Healer. He has an incredible understanding of guiding the energy of the circle and with his incredible mix of Eastern and MesoAmerican traditions - the experience was absolutely exhilarating!

Charlotte Perkins

Los Angeles, CA

Our Spiritual Leader conducted one of the most transformational experiences in my life which has led to my understanding and resolving deep seated issues that years of psychiatry and Western medicine was not able to help me confront. The incredible setting amidst the trees and Cenote while still providing the basic support of space (even floor to lie down on when needed, restroom facilities that were much needed etc), it truly ended up being a rebirthing experience and one I will now recommend to all my near and dear ones.

William Ward

Denver, CO

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This is an exceptional place to find healing and growth. The operators have immense experience, love, and respect for the people who come to them. I am excited to return and to recommend to others. My experience here has been soul-shifting.

Alex Salinsky

Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely amazing place with the best people! I am so grateful Healing, meditation, spiritual growth, peace, happiness, life balance.
There are no words to express and describe the beauty and depth of the experience these place can give!

Sashenka Miterdev

Kyiv, Ukraine

Madreverde is a one of a kind place that provides a tranquil, welcoming, and loving atmosphere that supports healing of the mind, body and spirit. Access from Cancun and the Riviera Maya areas is easy. The jungle and gardens create a space for exploring self awareness and personal growth. I can't wait to return!

Isla Aya

Isla Mujeres MX

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Hermoso lugar para conectar con tu verdadera esencia y con la madre tierra. Gracias por todos los seres que habitan ese bello lugar.

Itzel Ast

Bacalar, MX

This space, and the people here will always have a special place in my heart. A beautiful project being facilitate by loving humans.

Lee Curac-Dahl

Somerset, NJ

De mis mejores experiencias de vida que e pasado. Es un lugar maravilloso , con personas muy cálidas y amorosas.
Totalmente un lugar de reconexion, de sanasción y descanso.

Edit Elkin

Puerto Morelos MX

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